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weekend with his family and loved ones. >> he certainly earned that long weekend. >>> a bowie man with a history of child sex offenses dating back to the 1980s has now been arrested, but this is the third time in a month after posting bond twice. he then allegedly molested more kids. >> reporter: i'm andrea mccarren in prince george's county where police are concerned a suspected child molester may have more victims. 52-year-old michael brochu of bowie is under investigation for the alleged sexual abuse of four children. >> the victims are young boys ranging from age 6 to 11 years old. >> reporter: brochu allegedly molested the boys in his home and at a community pool in bowie. one victim told police brochu would fondle him in the shower at the pool and give him 75 cents to $1.75 after each encounter. the boy told police he'd use that money to buy treats at the snack bar. >> some were in his care. others, for example, this 11- year-old, the recent arrest, he did not know this individual. >> reporter: in fact, brochu had been arrested twice this month for allegedly molesting chi
major changes, parents a students need to know about. tracee wilkins is live in bowie now with more. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. it's almost like, where did the summer go? kid, the buses are on the way. they are warming them up here at the bowie lot here. yes, you are going to school today. it's going to be a fantastic year. the biggest change coming to the prince george's county system, dr. william hite will be leaving to head to philadelphia to head the school system there's. dr. hite will stay on to assist with this trsition. his interrupt replacement has been named. dr. alvin crawley. top level administrator of d.c. public schools. he has worked in education for more than 30 years. he's worked in arlington, chicago, and boston. he's an author. his first day will be september 4th. there's also a new school this year, greenbet middle school. the new building cost $63.3 million since construction began in 2010 if new two-story building will serve approximately 1,000 students in grades 6-8. for the first time weeks of school, students from laurel elementary
, really. 86 in springfield. 86 in college park. and 85 over in bowie. so the headlines go like this. more storms tuesday. comfortable tonight. almost hot tomorrow. afternoon, evening storms on tuesday. some heavy, and some could be severe. the threats will be hail and strong, gusty winds from these storms. that's the main threat for these storms. tonight, no worries, partly cloudy, mild, open the windows. 66 to 74. winds out of the southwest at 10. inside the beltway, comfortable. low to mid 70s. 74 in arlington. 73 downtown. to north and west, 68 in rockville. 67 in gaithersburg. 68 in bowie. 68 in reston and fairfax, but 66 out toward leesburg and also manassas. now tomorrow morning, partly sunny, warm. 70s and 80s. should be a dry commute. we can't rule out an isolated shower, but the main event is going to be in the afternoon. partly sunny, almost hot. scattered storms. some heavy, some severe. high temperatures near 90. next three days, we'll go code yellow tomorrow because of the big storms. 88. we'll go green on wednesday, an isolated storm. 88. and green on thursday, just an isola
comfortable. 80 in great falls. 82 in vienna. 83 in bethesda. 83 in college park and 81 in bowie. okay, we're looking at the chance for big storms tomorrow. comfortable tonight. almost hot tomorrow. a little sticky, too. afternoon storms. some could be heavy, some could be severe and the main threat would be hail and strong, gusty winds. tonight, no worries. open the windows. low 66 to 74. winds southwest at 10. inside the beltway in downtown. low to mid 70s. plenty of 60s north and west. 67 in gaithersburg. 68 in rockville. 68 in reston. 68 in fairfax. and even 68 over in bowie. 70 in college park. now tomorrow morning, i think we'll be dry, partly sunny. 70s and 80s. by afternoon, partly sunny conditions, almost hot, scattered storms. some heavy, some severe. high temperatures near 90. winds out of the sow west at 10. all right, next three days, code yellow because of the potential. 88. isolated storm on wednesday. 88. isolated storm on thursday, 90. we'll go code green wednesday and thursday. next seven days, hot on friday. low 90s. cold front comes through friday night. and that will g
to be contenders. and that's calling up.... manny machado from double-a bowie.this is his batting practice from today....machado looks good in the cage... and ready for his major league debut..the orioles top position prospect, has spent a majority of his minor league career at short stop...but will play third for the birds tonight against kansas city.. the o's decided to call up machado last night... after sweeping the mariners to win their 5th straight.the o's.... allng with detroit and oakland... are tied at the top of the a-l wildcard standings. back from new york for the east lead..the orioles aren't looking for machado to carry this team to october... he's just an opportunity to get better.....and machado says: it's an unexpected dream come true... machado has been tearing it up recently t bowie...he's 16 for 33 with 8 extra base hits and 7 r-b-i during a 9 game hit streak....jj hardy's not moving from machado will take over the hot corner where he's only played in 2 games in his minor league career... manny machado's big league debut...and the ravens first preseason game at a
-player of the just 4 games wince being called up from bowie on thiursday, machado is hitting .375 with 3 home runs and 7 rbi in just 16 at bats.. by comparison, hall of famer eddie murray needed 52 at bats to get his 3rd major league homer...machado shares the award with boston's adrian gonzales... to another guy o's fans can't wait to ee...dylan bundyyis slated to make his doubl-a debut tomorrow at bowie... bundy was the oriooes first round pick last year out of high school...he had a 2.98 e-r-a at frederick striking out 63 in 54 and a third innings...the 19-year-old is expected to start the first game of the baysox doubleheader... and with the red sox due in tomorrow, it's appropriate to note that they've lost one of the legendary figures in the history of that organization... johnny pesky died today at age 92...he was with the red sox is one capacity or another for 73 years...and the right field foul pole at fenway park is known as pesky's pole..even though he only hit 17 career home runs. that'll do it for this edition of sports unlimited...i'm bruce cunningham...beesure to tune in
in bowie. one victim told police brochu would fondle him in the shower at the pool and give hum 70 five cents to $1 -- him 75 cents to $1.75 after each encounter. the boy told police he'd use that money to buy treats at the snack bar. >> some were in his care. others, for example, this 11- year-old the recent arrest, he did not know this individual. >> reporter: in fact, brochu had been arrested twice this month for allegedly molesting children and posted bond both times. he was rearrested last week after the 11-year-old came forward. at brochu's home his wife and adult daughter declined an interview but confirmed brochu is behind bars. meantime police fear other children may have been molested. >> we possibly have more young victims out there and we want them to come forward. we are here to help them. >> reporter: what is especially disturbing is that in 1983 in hour county brochu pleaded guilty to two counts of sexually abusing children in his care. the arrest record reveals that he was in the air force at the time based at ft. meade in maryland. brochu is not listed in maryland's s
-be robber's death. it happened alodge north view drive in bowie. ken molestina is there now and ken, what's the very latest on the strange incident? >> reporter: you know, strange is right. really don't know any other way to call it. this has weird written all over it and police are still investigating trying to get to the bottom of this. i want to show you what remains on the spot where the burned out cab lay yesterday. 4300 block of north view over here is a primarily a commercial zone. it's all quiet now but let's show you some aerial footage of yesterday just before 5:00. run this down for you. according to police here's what they say happened. shortly before 5:00 is bowie police officer came up on a smoky cab. the cab driver was injured. he was standing outside of the cab complaining from some kind of burns. apparently the police officer then looked inside of the cab and found a dead man in the backseat. according to police, the cab driver said that man tried to rob him using some sort of a flammable liquid. it appears the liquid may have been ignited. the cab burned and the man burn
and to the east. good rains moving through college park, around 4:10. headed up toward bowie and headed up the bw parkway. that's the only shower. the good news is, it is north of the stadium, nats should be fine tonight. 77 in gaithersburg. even 76 down toward fredericksburg. they also had a shower just to their south. so for tonight, a shower or thunderstorm possible. mainly south, comfortable. check this out. 58 to 68 for lows. winds easterly at 5 to 10. we will come back and talk about the tropics, they are heating up. we have a brand-new tropical storm, isaac. we'll tell you where we think he is headed. venal still to come, diana niad back on dry land. she tried to swim from cuba to florida again. but first, the president heads out on thcampaign trail and launches a new attack. his message to the young voters. that's up next. >>> young voters played a big part in president oh bomb many's win and he is appealing to them once again. the president used a rally at capital university in columbus, ohio, to shift his attack on republican mitt romney. there he told the crowd the gop would cut billi
madeehis douule a debut tonight for bowie...last year's 4th overall draft selection got a start against erii and diudn't exactly set the woods on fire..he went 5 and a third, giving up 5 hits, struuk out 3 and walked 3...throwing 96 pitches...he did get the win though...and is 1-0 in double a. you can see the ravens next fox 45...they host the liins on friday...coverage starts with a pregame show at 7-30... and then stick around after the game for our wrap up show...lions and ravens only on fox 45... i'm bc...and beesure to ted...-
there are a few major changes, parents, and students need to know about. tracy wilkens is live in bowie with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: yes, lots of changes to the prince george's county school system. you can feel the changes in the air. the most important one, after six years of serving here in the school system, dr. william height will be leaving the prince george's county school system to lead the philadelphia school system. now, dr. height will stay on as the school year begins and to help out with the transition. his interim replacement has already been named. top level administrator for the district of columbia's public schools. he is an author and has also worked in education for more than 30 years and has worked in arlington, chicago, and boston, as well. his first day will be september 4th. now, there's also a new school this year. greenbelt middle school. the new building costs $53.6 million. construction began september 2010 and is ready for school this year. kids will be able to start their first day there today. the new two-story building will serve approximately 1,000
in fairfax. 88 in college park and 86 over in bowie. very comfortable. headlines, well, more storms tomorrow, comfortable tonight. almost hot again tomorrow, but not too bad. afternoon storms, some could be heavy and some could be severe. again, main threat could be hail and strong, gusty winds. that's the way the atmosphere is setting up. open the windows, especially in the suburbs. low 66 to 74. by morning, it will be dry. partly sunny and warm. 70s and 80s. air quality moderate. that's pretty nice. by afternoon, partly cloudy, almost hot. scattered storms. some heavy, some severe. high temperatures near 90 and winds out of the southwest at 10. sot zone forecast. we're looking at mid 70s in oakland. then you jump the divide, mid 80s in cumberland. martinsburg, winchester, and yes, everybody on the map has a chance for afternoon storms. 91 in culpeper. upper 80s nor warrenton, leesburg, and fairfax. downtown, 88, 89. 90 in andrews. close to 90 in through charles county and hughesville and also into interior sections. winds not a factor tomorrow. boaters have to be advised of big afternoon s
in college park, 84 in bowie. baseball forecast, tell you what, great game last night, the nats put the skids on a five-game losing streak. they host the cardinals tonight. temperatures to start the game mid-80s, by the time it's finished mid- to upper 70s. they start an 11 game homestand, not quite as cool tonight, though. hotter tomorrow, more humid on saturday and the weekend is up to isaac. we still feel isaac will throw some moisture our way sunday and labor day. clear and mild tonight, not as cool, 64 to 72, winds southwest at 10. so a tad big muggy downtown and inside the beltway, 72 arlington, 71 downtown, 64 gaithersburg, 65 reston, fairfax and 68 in college park. tomorrow sunshine in the morning warming quickly, 70s and 80s. air quality forecast be code healthy, by afternoon mostly sunny, hot, not that humid is the key. high temperatures will be near 95, winds west, southwest at 10. next three days, code green tomorrow and saturday, an isolated storm, 91 and code yellow sunday with the threat of thunderstorms and temperatures in the upper 80s. next seven days, even a better chance o
? >> it is 105 miles southeast of new orleans. we have reports of bowie, essentially at the mouth of the mississippi. 83-mile per hour wind gusts sustained at 63. this is the satellite picture, a little better organized. it's still offshore and it's going to be tough to tell you when it makes land fall. it is over land, but half of it is also water. this is pretty well organized storm. still do not have a defined eye. tropical storm force winds extend out of the center, 180 miles. so, you know, even though we talk about the eye making land fall. here's the track. they still bring it on as a category one, which is good. late tonight, early tomorrow. take it right through louisiana. it's going to be a big water problem there. 10 inches of rain, 15 inches of rain possible. by thursday, it's on the border of louisiana and arkansas. begins to turn back to the north and the northeast northeast and this is a great track. that is something that is a silver lining from this storm. we'll come back and let you know if that track means anything for us over the holiday weekend. >> thank you,
.merican legion to and from the wilson bridge as through alexandria. looks good through bowie. 270 is light out of frederick down to the beltway. 66 is good as well as 95 and 395. back to you. >> thank you. police investigating a mass that happened at a sikh temple outside milwaukee. >> a gunman killed six people was killed in a shootout with police. the gunman was an army veteran may have been a white supremacist. details. >> sirens followed the deadly after a of gunfire morning of prayer and interrupted by a gunman at a temple in wisconsin. >> we are trying to find out if fine.ody is >> the gunman first shot people outside. >> just going into the building. >> violent chaos inside. several women and children were inside and the shooter kept firing. >> the people were reporting on messages and some people the bathrooms asking for help. the president of the temple was wounded. he tried to help one of the when the shooter came back outside and took aim. >> are officer, a 20-year veteran, was ambushed, shot multiple times. he is undergoing surgery at the hospital. >> a second officer
across the severn river and is good. problems in bowie or cheverly and northeast d.c. quiet is virginia traffic along and 95, a green light in both directions between front royal vienna, good between fredericksburg and springfield. on good inside the beltway through falls church. nothing across the 14th street bridge. travel times in our favor on 270. out for nfle fall johnson, and charged with domestic battery against of just one month. the miami dolphins terminated his contract. vhi has pulled a couple pose a show.y johnson is accused of wife during an argument. police have released the 911 by a neighbor after that incident. on thehas a knife cut forehead. to neede it's going stitches. person, so weile might need to keep this as quiet possible. >> some dolphins players have defended johnson, saying he was andy should've got another chance. the coaches said the johnson just was not going to work. that is something. is 73 degrees. >> still ahead, talk about a find in florida, this e on has [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impos
all across the region. powerbal cruz continuing to wor main break on maple street in bowie. one neighbor was inside his home when he noticed something was wrong. >> we were sitting on the porch you know,xt thing out of the street. >> a big mess. main break only affecting about seven customers. not clear how long the repairs will take. 4:41, time for a check on how weather is shaping up. rudin.e >> watching for another round stronger thunderstorms later this afternoon. did not see a whole lot. looking at temperatures right degrees at reagan national airport. n maryland, lexington at 72. gaithersburg now at 56 -- 66 degrees. grab the umbrella for later on today. will have the bring heavy downpours. here's the forecast for the day. isolated thundershowers in the afternoon. temperatures in the mid to 80s. we will get an update on the rush hour commute now with lisa baden. i like the way things are e region, aound th typical. overnight construction clearing. off to a pretty good 70, 81, 95 between richmond and baltimore, nothing 270. in pretty good shape around the beltway. overnight
brochu of bowie was rearrested after allegedly committing more sex offenses against children after he posted bond twice for earlier arrests. andrea mccarren with more. >> michael brochu has a history of child sex offenses dating back to the 1980s. in 1983 a howard county judge sentenced him to five years in prison, but then suspended the entire sentence. 52-year-old michael brochu of bowie is now under investigation for the alleged sexual abuse of four children. >> the victims are young boys and they range from age 6 to 11
's county where most kids should be ibed by now. from upper marlboro up toward bowie, maryland, down towards clinton. beautiful day to go back to school. where is "bus stop weather" welcome back, kids. tomorrow morning a c. soggy start. 61 degrees. maybe have the umbrella ready to go. buckle down, kids. don't want to be in bad shape after day one. >> dust off the alarm clocks. back to school in the morning. for 125,000 students in prince gege's county. beginning of a year with major changes coming to the maryland district. >> it's bigger. >> this 8th grarder can't help but notice greenbelt middle school. the building will become home to 1,000 sixth through eighth graders tomorrow morning. >> i think it will help the kids learn more, they're in a better school, much brighter and everything. >> reporter: just one of the big changes awaiting one of the country's largest school districts this year including transition at the top. superintendent william hite, headed to run the school system in philadelphia, replaced by alvin crowley. school officials say he will be on the job for ten months durin
for the first time. tracee wilkins is live in bowie with an interview you will see first on 4. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, dr. alvin crawley is now serving of deputy chief of programming in the office of special education in the d.c. school system. but is in transition and come september 4th will be starting as the interim superintendent for the prince george's school system. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. it's a pleasure to be here. >> it's a pleasure to have you here. you have an impressive record. more than 30 years in education. worked in arlington, chicago, and boston. what brings you to prince george's county? >> i am really excited about the opportunity to be thetendent of george's county. i've had 32 years of educational experience. 17 years as an assistant superintendent. so i am ready to be the next superintendent of prince george's county. i look forward to working with our students and staff and parents here in prince george's county. >> all right. let's talk about the numbers. prince george's has made academic strides in recent years b
falls, 81 vienna, 82 bethesda, 84 college park, 82 bowie. we had no hurricanes in the month of july. i talk about that on my blog at is it common or uncommon? economic it out. heating up with more storm -- check it out. heating up with more storms, isolated storms, hot tomorrow, a dry morning commute, afternoon storms, some heavy, some severe possibly. tonight isolated storms, partly cloudy, mild, 66 to 74, a suppose a little muggy downtown. tomorrow morning -- i suppose a little muggy downtown. tomorrow morning 70s and 80s, wind light southwest 5 to 10, by afternoon thursday partly cloudy, hot, thunderstorms, some heavy, some severe, high temperatures 90 to 95 and winds southwest 5 to 10. next three days our 9 weather alert codes all yellow, 93 thursday with storms, hot, hot friday with storms, 95. notice we have a little stronger icon, more rain, better chance of storms friday. then on saturday look for thunderstorms and still hot, temperatures also in the mid- 90s. the next seven days it stays hot. we're in the mid-90s sunday, not record breaking heat, isolated storms
. but for right now, temperature in manchester coming in at 68. good morning reisterstown at 67. bowie 71. another 71 in goldsbor yes and chestertown 72 degrees. >> thanks. >>> you may think twice about eating a sandwich on your flight after a spokesperson for air canada says that a passenger found what looked like a sewing needle in a sandwich. two weeks ago you may remember we told you about reports that surfaced of needles in 6 sandwiches in delta flights. this latest incident happened on monday on a night from victoria british columbia to toronto. >>> many of us take light street when going downtown to get to -- when going downtown to get to work or going home. >> city leaders say you have to take taking a street. >> a father's hero screams of a daughter and the screams she called upon to save a dad's life. >> when it rains in arizona there's reason to worry. [audio not understandable] >> everything is up to speed here on 95. north of 195 i will let you know how traffic is shaping up coming up on good morning maryland. you are looking at london abby road where the olympics is underway. we will
that michael brochu sexually abused a 10- year-old boy in his bowie home between august 2011 and june 30th of this year. detectives tell 9news now they also believe that brochu abused a 6-year-old family member and another 8-year-old boy in his care. >>> a virginia man who lived on the premises of a home day care facility has been accused of molesting some of the children who attended there. 28-year-old elwood thomas of annandale has been charged with two counts of aggravated sexual battery. police say a 14-year-old girl has told them that thomas inappropriately touched her when she attended happy land day care. police said they are investigating complaints from other children as well. that day care has since been closed. >>> all right, it's time to say hail to the redskins because rookie quarterback robert griffin iii had a very impressive preseason game in buffalo-night. rg 3 as he's called completed three passes for 58 yards including a 20-yard touchdown to pierre garcon and the redskins beat the bulls 7-6. the burgundy and told will take on the bear -- gold will take on the bears next
in arlington, 85 in vienna, 84 fairfax, 88 in college park, 85 in bowie, so really not too bad. we're looking for the front just to our south, isolated storms tonight but just mainly south now of fredericksburg. tomorrow pretty nice, grab your shades, a little hot thursday and scattered storms again. tonight early thunderstorm possible south of town, otherwise partly cloudy, mild, 66 to 74, winds east, southeast at 10. by morning partly cloudy, warm, air quality moderate. that's not bad, 70s and 80s, wind southeast at 10. by afternoon partly cloudy, warm, a few isolated storms but pretty nice tuesday, high temps near 90 and winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15. next three days, we'll give it code green tomorrow in our 9 weather alert code, isolated storm 89, code yellow wednesday, 90 and 92 thursday, hot with thunderstorms as well. next seven days, good news, a frontal system comes through friday. that will give us another chance for some storms, near 90 and if all goes according to plan, that front stays to our south. we stay in the 80s on sat, sunday and next monday which actually -- satu
at 37%. you can't complain about that. 94 at great falls. 90 in arlington and 93 over in bowie. a cold front headed our way tomorrow. big storms are possible tomorrow. those that develop could be hefty. a better chance tomorrow. still a pretty decent day. less humid all weekend. we'll get a break on saturday and sunday and isolated storms are possible and muggy. low temperatures in the 70s. winds are out of the south at about 10. by the morning, a chance for a thunderstorm in the morning. temperatures in the 70s and the 80s. a much better chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon. some heavy, some severe. 86 to 90. the next thee days. code yellow tomorrow. we're on alert for big storms. 89 and then green on saturday and sunday and morning showers on saturday, but less humid. nice on sunday. temperatures are also in the upper 80s. it will warm up next week. around 90 on monday. low 90s on tuesday. okay isolated storms. right now wednesday and thursday will be dry for you with temperatures from around 90 to the low 90s. >> all right. >> all right. we're taking a look at buffalo, new york
and west and we can see it push ming green belt and this is heading into pg county sliding into bowie. heading towards kentland and largo and mitchellville will be in on the action heading through the remainder of the morning. let's check the abc2 type saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with a crash in baltimore city on south grande street at golf street. watch out for that. and traffic is picking up out on the jfx. from the beltway down towards 28th street and you are looking live at the west side of the beltway at liberty road. the outer loop going to get even more sluggish as you make the drive towards route 40. overall the inner loop is clear up towards green spring. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you in they gave their time money and even commitment to a company that left they will with nothing. >> sherrie johnson is live outside the rg steel mill war protest is scheduled for today and those people -- where a protest is scheduled for today and those people are going after company executives. >> reporter: they
are recovering. you had showers earlier, back up to yeast 4 in crofton, 81 bowie, 89 in great falls, 90 in fairfax and springfield and old town as well. with headlines look like this, closing out the week hot, isolated thunderstorms tonight accident hotter tomorrow, a dry commute and more -- tonight, hotter tomorrow, a dry commute and more storms. tomorrow morning dry but hot by lunchtime. we're talking low 90s by lunchtime, partly cloudy, air quality in the unhealthy range. by afternoon partly cloudy, hot with thunderstorms. again the few that develop could be severe, high temperatures around 95. next three days we'll keep it code yellow because of the potential for big storms, not everyone seeing a big storm and also for the heat. 95 tomorrow, 93 saturday and 95 also on sunday, isolated storms saturday and sunday. next seven days, we got a cold front approaching on monday. that will keep us around 90 and give us a better chance of more widespread activity on monday. in the wake of the cold front, still kind of hot, 2, wednesday and thursday chance of isolated storms. >>> let's go cam
. more of the same in bowie and that humidity is up there. we're suffering so we are dealing with a little bit of patchy fog. we do have reduced visibility to talk about this morning. the last time i i showed you york, a little bit of improvement but we still need to get up to those tens that we like to see. 3 miles of reduced visibility and 5 now in baltimore so that's in new update there. hour by hour, this is what it looks like. by 10:00 that temperature at 81 degrees. 87 bring lunchtime and by 3:00, 90 degrees. get your outdoor activities done but don't forget we could see an isolated shower as we head throughout the day. >> well, you did mention that there's a lot of reduced visibility out in frederick and york pennsylvania this morning so if you are in those areas be extra careful as you head out. in baltimore we're dealing with repears to a sink hole. you will want to use orleans street and still dealing with that massive water main break, repairs underway. if you are traveling the beltway here's what the flow looks like. a nice easy ride whether you're traveling down
thunderstorms. just like yesterday. right now, temperatures 72 in cardy. 69 in bowie and goldsboro at 71. and rock hall right around 71. elkton 68 and here's the 7-day forecast. as we will get hotter heading into the weekend continuing on monday. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning how are the roads. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with a crash this morning on 95. it shut down the northbound lanes at powder mill road. traveling in the area stick with route 295 or 29 as your alternate route. if you are heading into baltimore city, no delays traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel or the harbor tubal and the jfx going to be nice -- tunnel and the jfx going to be nice and clear. we are dealing with problems in downtown baltimore. we are looking at 2 to 3 weeksuntil the massive water main break will be replace pared. light street shut down between baltimore and lombard street. take hopkins place instead and the searching hole on the east side has shut down monument street between wolf and patterson park avenue. use orlien as an alternate. that's
. 84 in bowie. the temperatures are nice. 87 in vienna. 83 out toward reston. so, we're looking at the pow ten potential storms. threats, hail, damaging wind. and maybe an isolated tornado. less and less concerned about that. especially west and north of town. secure your loose objects, though. go ahead and put your umbrellas down and get the small tables inside. tonight, thunderstorms, some heavy or severe. mostly cloudy, mild. low 68 to 74. winds out of the southeast at 10. a little muggy inside the beltway. low to mid 70s there. a sprinkling of 60s, but not as comfortable as last night. 69 in sterling, but 72 in college park and 74 downtown. now tomorrow morning, partly sunny, warm, maybe a late shower. the morning commute should be dry. 70s and 80s. notice the winds turn north, northwest at 10. by afternoon, partly cloudy and warm. just an isolated thunderstorm. but those that develop could still be hefty. high temperatures in the upper 80s. winds westerly at 10. so, we'll break it down for you. 68 to 74 to start. left over clouds. by noon, just warm. 82 to 86. and then by
bethesda, 86 arlington, 88 college park, 84 bowie, pretty nice. even out west 85 great falls, vienna, 88 in sterling. so a front is just to our south where most of the storms will be tonight just south of us. grab your shades tomorrow, pretty nice day. kind of hot by thursday, not crazy and then more scattered storms again each afternoon. as we go through the week, the chances go up a little. early thunderstorm possible south of town tonight, partly cloudy, mile, lows between 66 and 74 downtown. a little muggy. by morning partly cloudy and warm, 70s and 80s, air quality in the moderate range which is actually pretty good for summertime really and then by afternoon partly cloudy and warm, isolated thunderstorms, high temperatures by afternoon near 90. winds will pick up a little out of the southwest at 10 to 15. so we'll break it down then. 66 to 76 to start and 82 to 86 by noon. so warm by lunchtime, not hot. 86 to 90 by evening, isolated thunderstorm possible. 9 weather alert codes, we'll keep tomorrow green and go yellow wednesday and thursday, 90 wednesday, some storms possible, a bet
these people at a poverty bowie's ethnic tensions. they were forced to act after there was riots in the region. the ethnic minorities clashed with han chinese. the security forces remain part of daily life here, highlighting deep divisions among the community. those who gathered to worship are watched by riot police, ready for any trouble. the mosque attracts busloads of tourists. this man says they are told not to travel alone over fears for their safety. for all of the development, this is a tent city. beijing believes that increase prosperity will create stability. -- for all of the development, this is a tense city. there is a new source of anr. >> ecuador's foreign minister has said that the british government officially threatened to enter the ecuadorean embassy in london to capture julian assange. he claimed asylum. he has been facing extradition from britain to sweden to answer rate charges. hthe decision on the asylum request had been made and an announced it would remain on thursday. the investigation into the key benchmark interest rate has been gaining momentum. seven big internati
, the orioles' number one pitching prospect goes up a level...dylan bundy has been called up to bowie from frederick and will pitch the first game of tonight's doubleheader erie...the 4th overall selection in last year's draft, the 19 year old bundy had a 6-3 record witt a 2.98 earned run average in 11 starts foir the keys orioles-red sox highlights andd the latest from owings mills... that's coming up tonight at 10:50 and 11:30 on sports unlimited. --toss to vyyas-- vytas-- 3 3 3 a... family in arizonn... manages to pull off ... a... "mega wedding"... that's so big.../ it's making national headllnes. headlines.that's ... because... it wasn't... just... one daughter getting married... / it... was... รก3 ..the... waldie - family... held theer joint reception ... in... an... airport hanger museum..../..depending... on... which wedding party visited.../ there... were signs... pointing you... to the right part of the room....// :47 "everybody you can see. you can see everybody's individual tastes, so thee did "i'm all red, and i
couple mornings. 70 degrees right now in leesburg. elsewhere, around 70. bowie and 70. downtown in washington, 72 along with stanford. 69 and warrenton. here's the hourly forecast. degrees by 11:00 a.m. high temperature of 93 degrees by 4:00 p.m. we will feel the humidity outside. by 7:00 p.m., mid 80's at 86. sunny and highs today, 93 for the high temperature. stormschance of lateday tomorrow, 95 degrees for the high temperature. we cannot rule out one or two tomorroworms afternoon. chance into the weekend. lisa. >> in virginia, 95 northbound, is open out of fredericksburg coming towards springfield. is broken downer northbound coming out of park.l end of theat the to go onp from route 3 interstate, there's a broken-down truck. southbound after the thornburg exit, lingering roadwork will be gone soon. 66 is clear. nothing complicated on 395. inside the beltway look good church and across roosevelt bridge. well on the beltway in through silver spring tysons, to and from the american legion bridge. 17 minutes on 270 between father hurley boulevard and the beltway. back to you. >>
prossect...will start for double-a bowie on tuesday.. thaa's all for ssorts unlimited...i'm morgan adsit.go. goodnight. 3
in winchester. look at visibilities, no fog has formed but temps in the 70s now. 72 in bowie. 70 in stephens city. good visibility under those clouds this morning with 78 reported out at reagan national. no wind to speak of and the humidity at 84%. bigger picture, look at all the rain down along the carolina coast streaming northeastward. we've got the clouds blowing off that with an isolated shower near us. that's what i think we'll see throughout the day today. isolated spotty showers this afternoon, maybe a rumble of thunder, nothing too extensive. more sun west than east. as we go through tonight, partly cloudy. we'll see a little bit of clearing. tomorrow we'll heat up and boom, we'll start to pop the showers and storms once again, perhaps a better chance in the mountains on thursday. as we get it into friday, we'll do to again. friday, look at this, by afternoon this front will be approaching so scattered showers and storms ahead of it. this front for friday night, even into early saturday may provide a few more showers and storms. ernesto came ashore last night as a hurricane. boy, ju
. winchester a gorgeous 61. bowie 66 degrees with 70 at the river naval air station. looking outside at the michael and son weather camera, partly cloudy conditions at reagan national, calm winds and a temperature of 73 with a relative humidity of 71%. looks good along the gulf coast for a change and the east coast. we are going to watch not so much for today but for tomorrow it is going to be an area of disturbed weather coming in from the midwest. across illinois you had the storminess going on. any showers that might pop richmond, perhaps, perhaps colonial beach area that way. but the rest of us enjoying a fine monday. tonight partly to mostly cloudy, you'll notice a few showers. down toward roanoke. we'll get into tomorrow afternoon scattered showers and storms. midday through the afternoon. dc west and east for the afternoon. looks like the mountains and pennsylvania will be rather busy with showers and storms. tomorrow night as we lose the daytime heating, wednesday can't rule out isolated thunderstorms here. with highs on wednesday once again, upper 80s to 90s. a decent day ar
vienna and fairfax, 87 college park, 83 in bowie. baseball forecast, we're hosting the cardinals. 76 to 85 your temperatures, 85 to start, 76 to finish, perfect night for baseball. not quite as cool, though, tonight. in fact, temperatures got down to the low 60s up around damascus and down into the 40s in canaan valley this morning. the weekend we do feel we'll have some showers and thunderstorms from isaac. clear and mild tonight, not as cool, 64 to 72, winds out of the southwest at 10. inside the beltway downtown talking about low 70s, but very comfortable north and west, 64 gaithersburg, 65 reston, 64 leesburg, 68 in college park. friday morning, mostly sunny, warming up, 70s and 80s, winds out of the southwest at 10. by afternoon mostly sunny and hot but not humid, high temperatures near 95 and winds west, southwest at 10. next three days we'll keep it green tomorrow, hot but not humid, 94. we'll keep it green saturday, isolated storm, 91. you don't have to change your plans. sunday code yellow, scattered thunderstorms especially in the afternoon, high temperatures in the upper 8
in bowie. so the next three days, we're going to keep it code green. 89 tomorrow. isolated storm. fantastic. i mean, fantastic on wednesday. in the wake of the front, low humidity. comfortably warm. 85. nice for the last preseason game. 91, hotter on thursday, but not crazy humid. next seven days, well it gets hotter. it gets into the mid 90s on friday and then this is interesting, derek. you might not think it's interesting. we have showers and thunderstorms on saturday, sunday, and labor day and what is that from? hurricane isaac, perhaps. that would be isaac remnants. we'll get some rain showers. >> i don't find that interesting. labor day weekend is going to be cloudy and rainy. >> uh-huh. >> we'll be back. >>> in the mail bag tonight, disappointment and some hollywood maryland didn't like the way we handled that story of the presidential candidate, mitt romney's, birth certificate joke in michigan. he did not use president obama's name. he joked about something that had been a headache for obama. hardly below the belt. your reporting needs to be unfair and unbias. do you think it wa
in bethesda. 80 in fairfax. 79 in vienna. 85 in college park. 81 over in bowie. so, your headlines look like this. great for late august. turn off the ac tonight. if not tonight, should do it tomorrow night. you'll need your shades tomorrow, and a fantastic forecast for the redskin game. temperatures in the 60s. you might want to bring a light sweater or jacket. clear to partly cloudy tonight, comfortable, low 52 to 70. next three days, we'll keep it code green. tomorrow, spectacular, 84. thursday is fantastic, 88. and friday hotter, but not bad. temperatures in the mid 90s, but dry. next seven days, we get into saturday. a shower or thunderstorm possible. the bulk of the day looks okay. better chance for showers and storms on sunday. even a better chance on labor day. we can thank isaac for those storms and back up to 90 on tuesday under partly cloudy skies. >> thank you, top. we'll be talking to you as the evening goes on. we'll be back in a minute. >>> in the mail bag tonight, redskins fans seeing the pain -- feeling the pain of seeing a favorite be cut. devastation to redskins nation. y
beyond recognition. >> there is a lot of speculation. >> newschopper 7 shows the scene. bowie police say at about 4:00 in the afternoon friday, a detective spotted this cabin gulstan flames. the driver told officers he picked up a fair at the largo metro station and brought him here to northview drive. >> he demanded money from the cab driver struck him, and threw liquid on him. that as the driver jumped out the liquid caught fireould-be robber was still inside as the car burst into flames. saturday, friends and colleagues of the 60-something year-old cabdriver were signing a get- well card. his hair was burned and a minor injury, a terrible wake-up call. >> and afternoon robbery really hit home. >> the injured driver is one of dozens of independent drivers working in the area who have little protection. >> getting robbed, is a dangerous business. >> homicide detectives are trying to identify who the would-be robber was. the fire department is trying to learn what the tories -- what the heck cellaret was. the cab driver had minor injuries and is recovering tonight. richard reeve, abc 7 n
out who the suspect was. they say his body was burned beyond recognition. reporting live in bowie, news4. >>> now a to a developing story. three armed robbers tied up a man in front of his house at gunpoint. he lives in the 4400 block of b street. three gunmen forced their way in, tied him up and ransacked the place. it took him two hours to free himself. >>> a heavyweight boxer is killed in a freak car accident just stays after becoming a new dad. police say the victim was on the road when a tractor trailer made an ill league u-turn at the delaware toll plaza. the truck slammed into his vehicle, killing him. his friends will hold a tribute next saturday. >>> he may have had a second target. that's what we are hearing about the man charged with shooting a security guard in town this week. floyd corkins is accused of shooting a security guard at a group on wednesday. meanwhile the injured guard is doing much better. today he got a visit from d.c. mayor vincent gray. court documents show that corkens worked for a gay rights group and was arrested with 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches in hi
at bowie high school. another big change in the county today, new $53 million greenbelt middle school opens. that
away, 4.41, baltimore got three and a third, almost 3 1/2 inches of rain. bowie, you picked up over two inches over the weekend. shepherds town, west virginia, you didn't get left out either, 2 1/2 inches, lorton, virginia, one and a quarter and this is our doppler estimate, the 24- hour rain totals and that skewed along the bay and east, i think it got punished here with a lot of heavy rain. inside, we can estimate how much rain fell and doppler's estimating again anywhere from four to almost seven inches of rain in and around the easton area and that is lighter into the district and lighter still as we went farther to the west. speaking of heavy rain, we know that that is not a direct hit with tropical storm isaac on the peninsula of florida. that did go across the keys, of course. like at the heavy rain in one of the bands that is coming along the coast here. lots of reports of flooding in palm beach, and of course, some of the outer bands into south carolina. it won't be long before new orleans starts getting their first reins from our strong tropical storm isaac, with winds of 70 m
over toward college park and bowie. tomorrow morning, a late shower possible, but a dry morning commute. 70s and 80s. by afternoon, isolated storms tomorrow and those that develop could be hefty. they'll be isolated. winds westerly at 10. next three days, because of those isolated storms, 87. code green on thursday. great day. hot, but not humid. and more storms on friday. especially later in the day, 92 for a high. some of those storms could be hefty. next seven days. that's the second front that rolls through on friday. sets the stage for a nice saturday, but more showers, not so much severe weather, but showers on sunday, low to mid 80s. nice on monday and tuesday. temperatures in the low to mid 80s again. those 60s are downtown. we might peek into the upper 50s monday night. >> looking forward to that. we'll be back. i got the chance to start my own business. i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a b
metro station... then drove him to a movie theater in bowie.there the suspect demanded the cab drivers money and douued him with a flammable liquid.... that backfired-- literally.the liquid caught on fire.the cab driver escaped... but the suspect didn't. tonight, baltimore city police continue to investigate a shooting involving one of their own. own.officers responded to a call for a burglary at a vacant home on lexington avenue in west baltimore.there they found 63-year-old rudolph beell.. a homeless vietnam vet and also known around the neighborhood as "mister rudy"... police say he attacked the officers... cutting one of them on the face with a sharp object.a second officer then shot bell... killing brings &pthe number of police-involved shootings in the city to 10... eight of them fatal. 3 in a story we brought you first on fox... baltimore city police continue to warn against scams targeting the eld. elderly.two more were reported yesterday... including this one in locust point.94-year-old mmry hudson got a phone call claiming she had not paid her porperty taxes.even thou
over in bowie. okay here is what we're looking at. just an isolated shower or storm tonight as we have seen it out in leesburg area in loudoun county as you can still walk the dog to open up the windows tonight. it will be very comfortable. a strong finish to the week for tomorrow. and kind of setting you up here. the weekend went downhill just a little bit since we last saw you this time yesterday. and for tonight, early isolated shower or storm. but then comfortable, lows in the 60s. now by morning, great shape. partly cloudy pleasant, temperatures are until the 60s and 7 -- temperatures are in the 60s and the 70s. but a strong finish to the week, partly cloudy, comfortably warm and high temperatures in the upper 80s. the next thee days, we'll keep it green, green, green with the showers increasing on saturday and sunday and nothing severe. 80 on saturday. and 83 on sunday. all right, we'll be warming back up on monday and tuesday, maybe a shower and we're in pretty good shape. temperatures a in the 80s. we've got a fun e-mail here from the weather watcher. well, aren't you talking a
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